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#things tentoo says about rose #when he goes out drinking with friends (via tinyconfusion)


  (via tinyconfusion)


The Darkness Within - David Tennant for Tennant Tuesday


The Darkness Within - David Tennant for Tennant Tuesday

"How I Met Your Mother creators, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays recently took to Twitter to make an announcement about an alternate ending to the series which will be available on the Season 9 DVD and Series Box Set."

I also think the role of the assistant has changed since Steven Moffat started overseeing Doctor Who. Rose, Martha and Donna were chosen to travel with the Doctor because they showed in one way or another that they were smart and up to the challenge. Amy and Clara both come to the Doctor first and foremost as mysteries. Amy is the little girl who grew up with a rift in time in her bedroom wall, who doesn’t know why she doesn’t have parents. She spends many episodes being mystically both pregnant and not pregnant but doesn’t know a thing about it and all our information about it comes through the Doctor. What the fuck is that?
Some version of Clara dies on screen twice before she is taken on as the assistant, and it seems like the Doctor takes up with her to find out why. In both cases, the woman is not of interest for her character or her abilities, but for some fundamental mystery in her being. The mystery isn’t even a secret she’s keeping, something over which she has control- it’s something she does not know about, that the Doctor must puzzle out in his own mind. It’s not about her- it’s about what’s wrong with her. When Steven Moffat took over Doctor Who, women became a problem.



Okay seriously did they do up Billie’s make up and hair and wardrobe with “let’s make everyone instantly aroused upon seeing her” in mind or what because holy goddamn shit.

Chris isn’t helping

i like her sassy little nod at the end because she’s not actually asking it’s more like “look at this sexy badass in leather what the fuck do think i’m gonna pick”





Frozach Submitted

My mom is a travel agent and I can confirm that people are legitimately this stupid when it comes to travel.

"It took us 9 hours to get home to England but the Americans only took 3  hours this is unfair" OH YES LET ME JUST REARRANGE THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE FUCKING PLANET FOR YOU SIR TERRIBLY SORRY

Whenever I think “oh this is the funniest one” I read the next one and I just can’t

I know someone who may be responsible for all of these and would totally demand compensation for being put out by each one. My cell phone dropped signal a few times and she demanded I call Verizon and be reimbursed or compensated for my trouble. I wasn’t bothered. It meant I didn’t have to talk to her.


Some stories stay with us forever